"Building community through a new appreciation of a shared heritage" is how the concept was initially explained. The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati desired to commission a sculpture to entice visitors to the Mayerson Jewish Community Center to learn more about their mission. The Eternal Flame sculpture anchors the Legacy Flame project, a multimedia installation that documents the history of the Jewish community of Cincinnati and seeks to inspire participation in the ongoing efforts of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati to increase awareness of its philanthropic and educational works. The eternal flame concept is very important in the Jewish faith and was used as the essential basis for the sculpture. The vertical flame sculpture was designed to be a beacon, visible immediately upon entry into the building, drawing visitors to the interactive video component where they could learn about the history of the Jewish community, watch video interviews with members and become informed about the work of the Federation. The illuminated glass wall features rabbinical quotations and a subtle flame motif. Its illumination lights the way in the dark area underneath the staircase, with the touchscreen monitor located at the right end. This project was a collaboration with Marta Hewett Gallery.

Legacy Flame
12' tall x 14' wide
May 2014
Cast glass and forged aluminum w/ multimedia components
Commissioned by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati